Kilar Fabrication has become synonymous with custom-built and superior carriers. Our manufacturing flexibility and design capabilities allow us to build a one-of-a-kind original product in a reasonable amount of time. Our personalized approach and diverse manufacturing proficiency have positioned us in the forefront of the automotive and industrial carrier design industry. We do not mass produce our product; we simply build to your specifications. The Kilar team has been dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality of customized beds for over 25 years. For your next carrier, choose Kilar for a durable and customized unit with the best price.

Why Buy KILAR?

  • Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to efficiently build your custom unit
  • We offer multiple options in bed design and accessories
  • Our team builds steel, wood and aluminum beds
  • We offer the longest stroke and biggest bore bed slide cylinders
  • Our galvanizing feature makes for simple replacement of individual parts
  • We are passionate and dedicated to serving you and your business

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